The simpler the design, the best

What is the purpose of a good design? A good design is like a logo. It stands for what the company is for. In getting a design, one should consider how it will be of use. It can be made of more than one type, depending on the preference of a company, as long as&hellip

What is a Website Design Template?

Web design templates are likely same as building blocks of any web design Toronto project and serve as sort of an outline for the rest of the website design structure. When building a web presence online, one of the first things people do after buying a domain name and getting it hosted online is choose&hellip

Adding Class to Your Home With Wall Art Painting

Since mankind’s dawn the wall art painting has been a desired form of decorations. Early cave dwellings are one example with their daubed-on depictions of hunting and early life. More examples continue through history with places as humble as the cave home and as elaborate as the Sistine Chapel. Humanity seems to see walls as&hellip

Web Design For Novices

Paralysis of Choice So you want to create your first web site but are feeling more than a little daunted by the thought. First step… relax. Just about everyone who has ever created a web site has been here before. The feeling is not uncommon. Perhaps one of the scariest things about the whole prospect&hellip

How Do You Master Web Design?

Web design is an artsy and skillful interface. In order to master it, you have to instill in your mind some basic rules. What are these rules? 1. Do not center everything. Doing so will just give your web design a scattered and disorganized look. When it comes to layout, centering tends to waste so&hellip

Cheap Web Design Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad Web Design

When people – especially business people – hear the word ‘cheap’ it is both appealing and off-putting at the same time. Everyone likes to save money but nobody wants to get something that is substandard. ‘Cheap’ does not have to mean ‘bad’, however, especially in the world of web design. Such is technology and the&hellip

Why You Should Study Design Abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & The Top Three Most Popular Design Courses Here!

In Malaysia, there are a variety of reasons why the country draws around 80,000 international students yearly in recent times. Many quality institutes of higher education have set up campuses in Malaysia. And this has attracted many foreign students to further their design studies there. Living life overseas as an international student is an unforgettable&hellip