Bachelor Of Arts In Media Design And Graphic Design In Italy

Is your dream to study Graphic and Media Design in an inspiring city where the design trends get together with the contemporary communication issues? Would you like to learn in an international atmosphere, side-by-side with real well-known experts and being in daily contact with important labels in the communication field?

Then Milan is the city, and NABA is the right place for all of those who would like to become a Graphic or a Media designer.

If design belongs to Italy, Milan is the cutting edge capital of Design, where you can enjoy a special creative approach in the fields of Communication and Audiovisual Design. As it is one of the most important centre for global advertising as well as for multimedia techniques, you can experience its unique taste in visual culture applied to the new technologies and media.

In Milan NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, issues 3-year BA degrees in Graphic design and in Media design that are recognized all over the world.

The program trains professional figures for the performing arts and the film sectors (writers, audiovisual directors, creators and developers of animations, screenplays, characters and digital visual effects for cinema, television and the performing arts).

At NABA you will learn how to create effective communication strategies, to design innovative graphic projects, to elaborate solutions for advertising and the performing arts sectors with the most up-to-date digital methods and to foresee future needs and research paths.

New tools and technologies are being created and thrown in the market everyday, and at NABA the students will have access to all those while learning how to use and understand them. Multimedia and New Media are powerful tools in today’s world of communication and due to this reason, also an important part of the department.

Graphics and Illustrations have always been an important part of the Italian modern and contemporary art scene. The ability to express ideas and thoughts through images is a truly Italian tradition, ranging from comics and cartoons to the most creative art work in advertising. The freedom of using your hand to draw and project is now shared with the most advanced software and hardware. NABA encourages the student to experiment and create freely, as Graphics and advertising are some of the most interesting forms of art nowadays

Our Academy has a long tradition of excellence, having prepared professionals for more than 20 years in the fields of art direction, graphic design and multimedia, and it still trains young talents of today to their career in the communication industry.

The Academy offers training in the wide-ranging themes of design culture and the professional fields of product, interior and exhibition design. It aims to provide the essential technical and methodological tools (ergonomics, modeling, design, cad), which enable students to build an informed response to the evolving needs of the professional world and capably take up positions in companies and studios, supporting the design and production of objects, spaces and interiors.

Do not miss the chance to join the graphic and media design world! What are you waiting for? Don’t lose your time and come to discover our Graphic and Media Design BA programs and enrolment procedure.

The Application deadline is April 15th. See more information at


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