Cheap Web Design Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad Web Design

When people – especially business people – hear the word ‘cheap’ it is both appealing and off-putting at the same time. Everyone likes to save money but nobody wants to get something that is substandard. ‘Cheap’ does not have to mean ‘bad’, however, especially in the world of web design.

Such is technology and the various and often free content management systems available today that a really good looking website can be designed and built on a relatively low budget.

Using the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento – depending on the type of site you want – provides a platform on which a web designer can build a high quality website without having to worry about the time and cost of coding the site from scratch. They can instead focus on the cheap web design itself and let the platform do most of the interactive work.

For a pure brochure site or a blog then Worpress is probably the right platform to use. It is very user friendly and there are hundreds of templates already available, many of them customisable or, if you prefer, relatively easily modified by hand.

It is the ideal content management system to use for showcasing photographs and videos too, as there are a number of plug ins to make the task simple.

For something a little more heavyweight, requiring greater interactivity by visitors, then Drupal is a better option than WordPress. It has a whole host of functions that developers can use and it is much simpler for developers to use as well.

The downside to Drupal is that from a design point of view it isn’t very friendly and the existing themes available are not all that great to look at. If a designer has the assistance of a developer than it is a very powerful platform to use, if not, the designer will struggle.

In between the simplicity of WordPress and the power of Drupal sits Joomla. It is very easy for designers, developers and end users to use and is backed up by a superb and sizeable community to help in the design and development of a website. This is less the case with WordPress and Drupal unfortunately.

Both Drupal and Joomla are better at providing interactive elements on site than WordPress, though WordPress would be the choice for a simple brochure site as it is quicker to work with, therefore reducing cost and providing cheap web design.

For an ecommerce website, through which you would want to sell products online, then all of the above can be adapted to do so, though it would not be easy. Instead, consider Magento, a free ecommerce platform boasting numerous plug ins to provide customers with interactive elements.

It is an excellent platform on which an ecommerce site can be designed cheaply and provides a simple way in which to display, promote and sell products online securely. In addition, the administration system for the site owner is very simple to use in terms of adding new products, setting prices and creating new content.

If it is a cheap web design you are after it is highly likely that, again depending on the nature of your site, your designer will choose one of these content management systems on which to build your site, giving you stunning results and proving that ‘cheap’ does not have to mean ‘bad’.


Ian Grainger is writing on behalf of the Cheap Web Design Co, specialists in cheap web design and cheap logo design.